• Will Swan

Fundraising Integration has Changed (Already)

There are lots of articles about multichannel fundraising that talk about "breaking down barriers" and adding specific channels to existing efforts like email or online advertising. But with the abundance of ways that people can connect today, these step-wise efforts to be current or relevant are quickly losing ground to the expectations that donors have of their nonprofits and the agencies that support them. The velocity of change in donor choice will not be able to wait for fundraisers to catch up to what they want.

Thinking about donors today, especially within the huge number of younger people, they are not going to conform to the traditional communications styles of many nonprofits. They want organizations to conform to their interests and lifestyles and to be available to them at the time they are ready to engage and with the channels of communication they prefer.

Now, does this mean the literal realization of the concept of one-to-one marketing that was conceived at the dawning of the age of super computers - targeting one person with a specific message or channel based on the analytics that drive that decision? By no means. It's that the low cost of technology, mobile technology in particular, has driven down the cost of communicating with multiple channels. So why not use a bunch of affordable channels in one place and use your analytics to determine the best fit for your audience?

Here's an example. Let's say that your nonprofit is planning an event. Instead of using tried and true methods of promotion like your website, print and point of purchase, try building a cost effective presence with influence marketers to create a groundswell of energetic supporters that will promote your nonprofit online and by word of mouth. At the event, ask people to sign in on a free mobile app like One Tap Check In which will match attendees to sign-ups and has real-time analytics that can be exported. Moves management apps using QR code scanners within the event can help you track where your attendees are congregating and enable them to make online contributions based on what interests them.

Fundraising integration opportunities are boundless. It just takes some model-breaking imagination to find them and make them work together. Talk with younger people within your organization and ask them what tools they use every day to exchange ideas. Look online for information. Check out this blog post by Lindsay Liedke called " 9 Top Online Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofit Organizations" that has some cool ideas.

Or of course, be in touch with me if you could use some help!

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